Guy Auclair Master Stylist and Owner of Eau Clair Hair Care

Guy Auclair Bio 2016

Guy Auclair Master stylist and owner of Eau Clair Hair Care

I’m Guy Auclair a passionate and talented hair stylist from Quebec City Canada who loves what I’m doing for work. I’ve been in the hair industry for more than 30 years, and I still love it as much as the first year of my career.

I’m very well educated in my field, gifted, talented, extremely creative, really social and accessible. For more than 20 years, I’ve trained each year at the Vidal Sassoon advance academy in London UK, learning the latest cuts and hair color trends.  I’ve also visited Tony & Guy in London.


I’m Master colorist certified from Goldwell hair color.  It’s easy for me to create new color combinations, and my extensive experience and knowledge helps me fix any issues with your hair color or cut.

I was a guest artist for Goldwell (stage and salon educator) for more then 15 years in Canada and United States.  I taught color concepts, technique, technology and color fundamentals for creating successful, trendy or classic and durable hair color.  Mastering my art in color and also mastering hair cutting following your bone shape and bone structure, I will create the perfect cut for your face and head structure. (This means it will be easy to do you hair without creating a lot of volume and spending your life blowdrying your hair).

I’m someone who loves a challenge. As a young stylist, I entered for several years some live contests in Canada, and I was trained by one of my mentors Daniel Benoit. The experience from this really taught me to control and perfect the hair finish. Later on, I began to enter different photography hair contests. For the last 5 years I entered the Goldwell colorzoom challenges, and been 2 times I was chosen as a  semi-finalist (top 5 in the US), and I also won the  Stylist Choice award one year. I have a passion for hair photography and I’ve also entered for the 5 last years the NAHA (North American stylist award) contest. I was chosen as a finalist in the category Men hair stylist of the Years one of those years.  All those challenging personal projects help me to maintain my passion, creativity and excellence as a hair stylist and push me to reach the next level.

Experience and accolades are great but for me, the human relationship between me and my clients is the most important part of my work and life. It is my mission in life to grow and excel in my human relations. I continue to grow my skill of listening, and greet people in their personality, need and vision. I love human beings and I do love to communicate, learn, share, connect and listen to what you have to say. I see myself as a lovely, accessible, personable person and easy to connect with.

You are welcome to reach me and come meet me in my work and I welcome you with pleasure to my salon to share some time with me and my beautiful staff at Eau Clair hair care.

Sincerely Guy          

We hope to see you at the salon EAU CLAIR HAIR CARE Hair Care very soon.